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process: site design phases
Overview (first meeting)
  • Review questionnaire and discuss goals for the site
  • Determine targeted audience

Preparation (second meeting)

  • Talk in depth about site goals, hardware and software requirements
  • Gather, categorize, and prioritize data
  • Finalize goals and plan of action for, design, development, and implementation (client approval)


  • Design and prototype top and interior web pages (client approval)


  • Build web pages
  • Develop required custom components (graphics, multimedia, client/server scripting, database)
  • Post site for client

 Site Launch

  • Make adjustments (client approval)
  • Transfer files to client site
  • Market to search engines; implement customized marketing strategy
  • Make further adjustments of a period of one month after site is posted. Further updates and work to the site are billed accordingly.

 If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us. We'll work with you to develop your ideas.

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