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Georgia Chapter - Extranet

Challenge: Create an Extranet for the Georgia Sierra Club website. The extranet would facilitate maintenance of the conservation, legislative, political, mailing list, and recreational sections of the website.
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Solution: studio2G created a private, password-protected extranet. Authorized Chapter members log into the extranet, then update and save the information to a database. By simply pressing a button, they can also automatically post the information to designated mailing lists. Each member sees only the section he or she has been authorized to maintain.
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Result: Authorized Chapter members now disseminate time-sensitive information much more easily and quickly. The Extranet has reduced the need for specially trained staff to maintain the website and mailing lists.
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Website features:

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Extranet features:

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What the client said: "You've done groundbreaking work in establishing this website. You've inspired us to move ahead on making something similar available to other Sierra Club Chapters."
-- Jenny Coyle, Sierra Club National

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